Sweetened condensed milk full cream

8% fat, produced from natural milk and sugar.
Can be produced according to customer needs.

Types of packaging

In cans – 385 g, 397 g, 533 g (24/48 cans per box, 12/6 cans per polythelene package), 1 kg (12/24 cans per box, 6 cans per polythelene package).

Can be with easy-open lids.

In plastic buckets: 13 kg.

In Fluid Bag containers: 1000 kg.

In other containers. Can be transported via road tankers.

Shelf life

 In cans: 18 months at 0-15°C, 12 months at 0-25°C.

In buckets and other non-hermetic containers: at 0-10°C up to 3 months from the date of production.

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